The Chasing Monster was born in Viterbo (Italy) in 2014, from an idea of a group of friends to express clear concepts through music and stories .

At the beginning, their sound was influenced by genres such as Post - Hardcore and Post - Metal but after the release of their self - titled debut EP, the band began to evolve, moving towards Post - Rock and Spoken Word with their next three singles, creating a strong following and high expectations among the general public as well as ind ustry professionals.

What sets the band apart is their use of narration linked to existential themes. The long - awaited debut album "Tales" will be released on 13 th January 2017 on Antigony Records and will be preceded by the release of two singles, "La Costante" featuring Theodore Freidolph (Acres) and "Itai".


Leonardo Capotondi (Lead Guitar)
Edoardo De Santis (Drums)
Riccardo Muzzi (Bass)
Federica Sciamanna (Rhythm Guitar)
Alessio Bartocci (Rhythm Guitar)